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Sleeping At Last - Resolve Lyrics and Chords

Intro: Gm F D# Cm (x2)

     Gm     F             D#     Cm
Generations wait Like the river sways,
      Gm      F             D#        Cm
For a father's blood, For a mother's love.

              Gm        F             D#       Cm
Though not the promised land, Nor any perfect plan,
          Gm      F                D#      Cm      Gm
Along our neutral path There was a single lowered branch.

Gm F D# Cm

         Gm             F                D#               Cm         
What was flawless canvas-white, What was kindness in our eyes
        Gm              F           D#          Cm
Is now a blemished masterpiece, An astigmatism life.
          Gm               F                  D#              Cm
But let's cut right to the chase, To when the best of us was on display,

          Gm         F          D#    Cm       Gm
Before we tipped the scale from confidence to doubt.
        F        D#       Cm          Gm
I would hold you now, if only i knew how.

      Gm      F            D#         Cm
Concentration breaks Under frivolous weight.
             Gm      F             D#        Cm
If the right words exist, May they find our lips.

A# D# A# D# F

A#              D#     F            F7              A#
Let's stay the course And let the tension make us new.
                     D#      A#                     D#         F   F7
I don't know if it's virtue, I don't know if it's just dumb luck.
Would it matter if it was?
                    Cm        F                      F7
What if we welcomed change in? If we opened up just enough
To let it begin?
D#   F7     A#
 To let it begin?

     D#          Gm        F
“the doors will open wide for you.”
       D#         Gm             F
It was said just like it was the truth,
If we walk right through...


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