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The Indelicates - Class Lyrics and Chords

Em                               G
A school of gothic arches and a college of them too
      F#              B                   Em
And a parliament that looks and feels the same
     Em           G         F#             Am
A comfort for the blessed a horror for the rest
     B                          Em
and each and every one of us to blame
            G             F#               Am             Em
the blessed rabble in the yard the blessed rousers in the press
            Am              Em            F#          B
the blessed shoppers denied access to the shelves
            Em           G            F#               Am
the blessed ministers of state have to pretend to be irate
     B                              Em
For elites are happy talking to themselves
     Am               Em               B                  Em
The scum with aching feet will march ignored in the next street
            Am           Em              F#      B
because the tv clings to diction and to stars
           Em        G               F#            Am
You might very well object but your motives are suspect
              B                                  Em
Cause you're envious and you're mean because of class

       Em                             G
It's a cesspit glossed with lime with slogans thumped into the grime
         F#                   B                Em
offering thanks for your willingness to understand
            Em           G               F#            Am
It would be pretty as a picture if you'd studied architecture
     B                               Em
you haven't but you can for thirty grand
         G             F#             Am           Em
For our cities are exciting, it says so in typeset writing
    Am                Em             F#        B
We glister from our towers to our trains
         Em                   G                   F#              Am
We have scrubbed the seats inside and though you can't afford to ride
              B                                         Em
You'll have a good view with you noses pressed to the panes
         Am                Em            B              Em
We were born to lead, we write, and we talk the way you can't
                 Am                Em               F#      B
We'll take your leaded grunts and pound them into glass
                   Em       G             F#             Am
We're steal your anger for potash lie hopelessness into cash
             B                          Em
and you'll barely even notice cause of class

           G               F#         Am               Em
you're vulgar for wanting money, and ugly for wanting fame
      Am              Em            F#          B
And lazy for never getting off your ass
          Em                 G                 F#          Am
It was a fair test that you failed, and we're sorry we prevailed
          B                               Em
But it's fair to give rewards to them as passed
            Am               Em                B                Em
So you can write your awful pamphlets you can sing your horrid songs
        Am            Em             F#      B
When we set you up we set it up to last
       Em              G            F#             Am
You can rise up as a rebel, you can stay down as a serf
         B                             Em
But you can't be one of us because of class

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